Friday, 3 July 2009

Last day on Tenacity

Hi! It’s our last day on Tenacity. We have cleaned the boat top to toe and packed our belongings away. We went for a final walk and bought some ice-creams and drinks. We are now nearly ready to go and we will all be so sad to leave the boat behind. One thing we won’t leave behind is our memories!

Here are some of our thoughts on the past week:

Jess: This has been such a special experience and I am so sad that it cannot continue!
Georgina: Had a great time so sad to be leaving but want to sleep in my own bed tonight!
Emma: Over the last 5 days I have really enjoyed working on the boat, this has been a great experience and I will never forget it!
Zoe: As if I survived on a boat for a week!
Mim: I don’t know if I will ever have an experience like this again, so it’s been really enjoyable whilst it lasted!
Becky: I have really enjoyed this whole experience and would love another opportunity like this sometime in the future.
India: It was amazing, I liked it! Mary, James and Callum all rock :)
Corin: I really enjoyed and I wish that I didn’t have to go back home!
Now for the Tenacity Week 8, 2009 awards:
Quietest = Becky
Weirdest Laugh= Becky
Best Song Writer= Emma
Most Scared of Insects= Emma and Georgi
Best Hot Chocolate Maker= Georgi
Most Burnt= Zoe
Most Hat Wearer= Zoe
Greasiest Hair= Zoe
Best Facial Expression= India
Loudest= India
Most Bruised= India
Most Tanned= India
Worst Snorer= Corin
Bravest swimmer= Corin
Most complicated book= Mim’s
Pinkest face= Mim
Best Lyric learner=Mim
Cutest sleeper= Callum
Best Fisher: jess
Most ill= Jess
Most Tissue user= Jess
Snottiest nose= jess
Coolest dude= James
Best nickname= Floe (India)
Most used words= Full on, Shizz, to the max, screw the knobs, Its all good, Slightly
Most oblivious to peg clipping= Mary
Best Pegger= Emma
Best Diver=James
Fastest reader= Zoe
Worst taste in kings of Lyon songs= Corin

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Sight seaing....

This is Corin and Becky reporting for blog duty (it’s finally our turn!)

This morning we got up at eight thirty (a long lie in :P). We had sausage baps for breakfast and got straight to work. Corin, Jess, Zoe and Emma tied knots, made Tiffin (fit fit fit) and Corin went for a swim whilst Becky, India, Georgina and Mim unsuccessfully fished, so went to look at seals instead. When the fishers returned we relaxed before having our back-to-front meal (having our tea for lunch and lunch for tea) of fish and chips.

We then got the sails up and headed back to Glasson dock. We got told it would take five hours hence the back-to-front meals. We all got a chance to steer the boat (the boat’s intact) and learnt how to fill in the logbook. On the way to Glasson we saw some dolphins, jellyfish (Georgina explained that a large group of jellyfish was called a smack) and seals. James taught us the peg game and we eventually got a peg on James (it did take five hours!!) We had our back-to-front meal of jacket potatoes whilst going through the lock. We are now docked in Glasson and are having a hot chocolate. We are all safe and are looking forward to our return tomorrow (yeah right).

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

We “offishially” like fishing!!

Early this morning there was thunder and lightning (it was scary =O) it was too foggy to go out so we went to peil island and had another picnic. Before the picnic we went and played hide and seek but gave up after 2 rounds because we were all bored and couldn’t find any were to hide(the dogs followed people and gave away their rubbish hiding places)after that several people did meditating and some did circuit training(Jess stayed back on the boat with Mary to read her book as her hayfever was really bad). We spotted a barn owl in daylight flying really close to us!!! We came back onto the boat about 2ish to find jess with 2 mackerel she had just caught. After everyone had seen the fish we all had a go at trying to outdo Jess at fishing (none of us succeeded).Some people went on the rib and tried to catch some more fish and Jess came up with the goods once again. For tea we had the fish that Jess caught (it was yum) and after that we had a chicken curry that James and Callum made for us (it was good)
While chilling on the boat we all discovered our unique tan lines e.g. Zoe=nose Jess =cheek bones (as usual) Emma =neck Georgina=shoulders Becky=shoulders Mim=face India =no-where Corin=face.

Hopefully we are going to sail tomorrow and put the sails up. xx

(very sorry about the lack of photos, the battery has gone flat in the camera. Mary )