Friday, 29 June 2012

A pleasant last days sail

Today we had a well earned lie in after some hard sailing the day before. We woke up at 10 o’clock to a leisurely breakfast. We got busy baking, making an apple crumble for lunch desserts.

We then set sail for our home port of Glasson. We sailed almost immediately we departed and only dropped the sails at the NO.14 buoy in the Lune River. After motoring into the marina we were finally back where we started.

We then had a relaxing evening with dinner, showers and the regulatory game cards. To-morrow morning we have the cleaning to look forward to and then the bus back to Bolton.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Read more about Sail Training on board Tenacity of Bolton at last


We started off by having a nice lie in on monday morning, we got kitted up after breakfast and went up onto the deck and simon and kayleigh taught us all how to tie knots so that we could be able to sail the boat. We were then ready to go out into the wide open! We had to go through the lock gates, which was a fun experience; we went straight to piel island but by motor. In the evening when we were anchored in the bay we got the dingy out and travelled to the island to see the castle and also go for a toliet trip!



We started the day by waking up at 6 . We sailed to the isle of man, it took 10hours, but we slept the majority of the way. After we were docked we went to costa and bought sweets from the co-op, with everyone staring at us because we had our red oil skins on. Then afterwards we went to the public toilets to brush our teeth!



Wake up call was at 7 for a quarter to 8 start. Theres only one way to describe the weather, grim. It was cold wet and the sea was extremely choppy. The main events of the day were sleeping on deck and steering as everyone felt sea sick the weather improved as the day went on so it wasnt all rain. The toilet proved to be the days entertainment as taking off oil skins whilst in a confined space and keeping balance all proved to be difficult tasks. We arrived in fleetwood port and to everyones delight discovered the showersss! So now we’re all fed and watered feeling slightly cleaner than we did yesterday, and just about to set off to Asda for a tub of Ben and jerry’s for desert. Missing fam, love to all, see you Friday, liv p and tomina

P.s; rita, please pick me up from the layby on friday, im not walking home with all my kit. X

P.s. Clare, don’t worry it was me who called you, being the genius i am did not know how to work the pay phone ! Hehe see you soon, bezzie x

Monday, 25 June 2012

Busy old Monday

The girls have had such a busy day that they have not got around to writing Mondays blog. It will be published as soon as it is written. We are heading for Douglas on the Isle of Man tomorrow and we can not get internet connection there so it will be Wednesday at the earliest before we post anything. All the girls seem to be smiling and having a good time. Ian.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Thursday Blog-The Last Night

Today‘s start was eventful as it was forecasted to rain but we are sure the morning showers and fresh pancakes (made by Ian and Heather) helped bring the mood up. Lucie, Fi and Elena got the boat ready to go to the Loch, then out to sea. We worked well as a team and did everything by ourselves. We said it would rain and it did, it rained...... and rained...... and rained, until the Titanic moment struck. Everyone was clinging on for life on deck whilst Heather and Amber were rolling around bellow deck making Tiffin, with the help of tuther Ian. The toilet trips were interesting as the boat was tipped far to the right. That was the moment we realised Lucie hadn’t been to the toilet for 21 hours! To Lucie’s delight Aaisha beat Ian at finger flick football, but we don’t think Ian was very happy. Lucie now wasn’t the only looser on the boat. After that we had a lovely sing song to High School Musical, with air grabs from Lucie, Fi and Ian. Lucie was still being bullied because of her love for stationary and One Direction. We then played vegetable, mineral and animal. After we got sick of the game we went round the group saying 3 words each to make up a story. This was showing us what people were really thinking about :/. When we finally got used to the roughness of the sea we were told by Ian that we had to have a quick change of route. This brought a good side and a bad side to the journey ahead. The bad side was that we are going to have exhausting late night sailing, the good side was that we would have a little lie in tomorrow. Heather, Elena, Amber and Charlotte went below deck to play UNO, which left the top deck very peaceful. Elena was angry when she found out that the other 3 had been cheating. When the groups swopped around Lucie, Fi, Aaisha and Vasudha played MASH the results weren’t as everyone hoped. Then they had a feast of sweets with Lucie ending up with a blue tongue. We then decided to do some of Fi’s new best friend, the puzzle book. Every so often the smoke alarm would go off because the carrots and potatoes would boil over. Amber, Heather, Charlotte and Aaisha enjoyed anchoring us for tea. As we are having our last night on the boat we shall say...... TENACITY OF BOLTON OUT!!!!! By Fiona Hazlitt and Lucie Hardman P.S. Thank you to Ian, tuther Ian and Cath for a great trip and the amazing experience we had! <3

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wednesdays Blog

Today it has been the first day we all have had a shower since being on the boat. We (Heather and Elena) were supposed to have ½ an hour at the showers; however we went slightly over, to an hour. Luckily, we thought of a very realistic excuse, that we had been abducted by geese and robbed by seagulls.

Then we all tacked north towards Workington and to pass the time Amber and I (Heather) gave Elena a lecture about the importance of bum’s because she was complaining about the ones around her. She has now overcome her phobia of them and now knows if she didn’t have one she would die in several different ways.

For lunch it was our turn to make sausage butty’s. Which went down very well. Once we got to Whitehaven it was time to clean the boat;

Lucie- Hovered

Amber- Polished and hovered

Aaisha and Vasudha- Cleaned the galley

Elena, Heather and Fi- Washed the decks

And Charlotte had the best job of all, cleaning the bog :D......>.< However, some people found that the decks were cleaner before we started cleaning (including us).

As a treat for our hard work we all got to go toooooo..................................TESCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD. We got to spend a whole £3 each :o. However, again we stretched the limits and spend an extra 9p :O! We all went to the bargain prices and only found out once we bought them that we saved only 8p -.-

On the way back, we went to the loo, where Elena got her new nickname ‘ Ploppy’ ............ enough said. After that we went to the beach in our wellies and 5/14 filled up with water (including ours).

After a long day we decided to have a calm game of gambling (with the washers), which soon turned into a heated battle to win the price..................................of satisfaction :D YEHHHH!!!! Well done Charlotte!

For tea we had Spaghetti Bolognese and fruit crumble. Which was FAB! However it would have tasted better with margarine AND unsalted butter! Amber ;-).

Well that’s all folks, and as they would say on the walkie talkies, TENACITY OUT!!!!! (For now :-P)

By Heather King and Elena Payne.

P.S. Hi Mum! xxxx

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Great day but no wind

Monday morning was a beautiful day. It was a perfect day for sailing, as the sun was shining. After a few showers, Ian showed us our journey for the next few days on a big map. We all got into our salopettes and lifejackets and prepared the boat so we could sail to the Isle of Man. We set off at high water and after an hour and a half, we were on the sea. After eating some yummy sandwiches, we had a chance to steer the boat. Elena and Heather began to make jacket potatoes for lunch and after eating them, they decided to bake some cookies. We had to drink a lot through the day and at around this time some people were bursting for the loo. It was time to come over the hurdle of using a boat toilet. While we were getting to grips with this, Heather had an incident in the kitchen- she dropped a batch of cookies on the floor!!However, after cleaning up, we ate some very good chocolate chips and orange cookies, yum yum! By now, we understood that sailing included a lot of sitting and waiting. The wind speed rose, so we put up a sail had a little snooze followed by some funny jokes and impressions. All in all it was a great day and when we finally reached the Isle of Man after nearly 10 hours of sailing, we were shattered. We had a really nice curry made by Ian, watched a massive ferry coming into the dock and went to bed thinking about our next day of sailing...


To start off the day we decided to give everyone nicknames; Vasudha-plaity. Aaisha-clumsy. Heather-bracey. Elena-chatty. Fiona- sleepy. Lucie-Happy. And us, Amber-wimpy. Charlotte-Burny (she burnt the first day after putting 3 lots of suncream on.) We got up extremely early.... Oh My God. At this point we were still at the dock on the Isle of Man. The 4 of us in our room (Amber, Charlotte, Fi, Lucie) weren’t making breakfast this morning, so we had a trip with Ian and Cath, we looked like a dysfunctional family, and yes... people were looking at us. Ian and Cath wouldn’t let us get a pet, although we all know we had the best points in the debate. We decided not to go in Top shop, as we were a crime against fashion in our wellies and scruffs. When we got back to the boat we left the Isle of Man longing for a boat pet and a Top shop outfit. Once out of the harbour we travelled using just the sails, which saved money even though we were going at the same speed as when we were using the engine. Today the weather has been even nicer than yesterday so, of course, we all sunbathed, even Burny who was obviously wearing her second lot of sun cream. After around an hour on the sea it became choppy. Wimpy, after screaming and grabbing onto everything around her, found out the best way to keep on board was splatting onto the floor in a starfish shape (see pictures.) Later, after 3 hours of sailing we stopped for a boat picnic near Ramsey; we had sandwiches, crisps, apples and juice. After dinner we went fishing... but it turns out fish don’t like leftover sweet corn. Finally we set off again and once again, sleepy dozed off and surprisingly chatty actually stopped talking and fell asleep! Plaity and Clumsy were downstairs making our tea, that just left Wimpy, Burny and Bracey seen as Happy seemed in her ‘happy land.’ We decided, as we were the best singers on the boat.... obviously. We decided to have a sing along. Which included old McCharlotte had a farm, instead of animals we used people on the boat. It was hilarious! Along with some other awesome sing songs and of course Ian’s ‘brilliant’ jokes. Sleepy and chatty finally awoke so we had to repeat all the songs again, although Ian complained, we all knew he secretly loved our singing. Just saying, Ian’s hat was awesome.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Monday morning and we have 8 happy girls, breakfasted, showered and ready to go to sea.

We are heading for Douglas on the Isle of Man to-day and potentially Ramsey to-morrow. We are unable to post blogs from the Island so it may well be Wednesday before we are able to put the girls writings up for you to read. You should be able to follow our progress by clicking on "current location" on the top left hand corner of this page.


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Early, early start

It still remained a mystery whether we would get woken up at half 7 or 4 o’clock in the morning the night before, anchored at Piel Island due to unreliable wind. We soon found out when kath’s feet were in our faces at 4 o’clock in the morning whilst she wiggled the anchor in. It was extremely noisy. Charlie and Alex stayed up to help sail the boat while everyone else stayed in bed and went back to sleep. As the rest of the bow group (Abbie, Natasha and Lucy) went to sleep, we were soon woken up as the sea was very rough. The awkward moment when it’s rocky at sea and you’re on the loo :L Sometimes it felt like you were about to fall out of your bed. Charlie managed this even when there were no waves. She accidently dived head first off the top bunk where she was sleeping ending up face planting the floor and lockers on the other side. Abbie was pooing her pants thinking Charlie had died because she didn’t move for like 6 seconds, whilst Lucy and Natasha were wetting themselves with laughter with Charlie. Charlie spent the rest of the day complaining about her boobies ;0.

The next time everyone appeared, it was 8 o’clock an hour after we were told to get ready. ;/ we sailed into Glasson dock and waited for the lock gate to open. When we attempted to sail to the next lock gate, we soon found out that the depth had dropped since we last made port in Glasson dock so we got stuck more than once in fact. When Ian finally found a clear path we sailed our way into the lock gates, waited for them to flood and made port in our usual spot. For breakfast we had a full Monty- bacon beans and scrambled eggs as well as lots of toast. They told us the plan for the day was that we would split into two groups. One would go for a walk, the other would drive the dingy. Grace and Liv were split up much to their disappointment ;) unsurprisingly they still managed to communicate over the marina when we were opposite finishing our long walk. We had lots of fruit and sausage butties for lunch. We found out that when grace and Lauren were driving the dingy, the father of a swan family had attacked them ;D afterwards Liv and grace were re-united and practiced their dance routines and sang on the deck whilst calling each other Tarj and Sanjay. Lol awks!

Later at night, Matt packed his bags and left as Patterdale hall was short staffed  he seemed pretty glad to be honest! (Not surprising...). So sad because it’s the last night we are sleeping on Tenacity and the last full day on tenacity :’( we all made lots of new friends and had loads of fun, maybe toooooo much fun ;) mwuahahah. By Abbie Gregson and Natasha Bagnall.  <3

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A cold sail

After a so called early night’s sleep in Whitehaven, we woke up and prepared the knots and fenders for switching moorings and replenishing our rather depleted water supply. We headed out into the sea, not really sure of where we were going to go until a weather forecast was confirmed, so yeah that was interesting. After passing our pet rock, the frog, opened out the sails and carried on going south, down the Cumbrian coast. Travelling further southwards we were allowed to steer the boat our selves- without crashing- as we were taught how to use the compass and what the rudder degrees box was used for. It was absolutely freezing- literally. So most people went inside we were probably the only ones who stayed out for the whole journey- oh yeah, we still have all our fingers and toes. As we were sailing peacefully, along came these absolutely humongous boats that sent enormous waves crashing towards us making the boat rock like crazy! Meanwhile, below deck Grace and Liv were busy making orange and chocolate cookies- so they went everywhere when the boat rocked... yeah. Also they pulled a prank on Matt by substituting the baking powder with chilli powder so his head very nearly exploded because it was jam-packed! We decided to anchor at Piel Island, where huge boats keep passing us- so trying to sleep is going to be fun... Finally we had Spaghetti Bolognese for tea!

So yeah seeya Alex and Lauren ^_^

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

It was an early start this morning, up at 6am and leaving the harbour by 7am. It was a 9hour journey from Fleetwood to Whitehaven, so we got here at 3:40pm. The journey was long but fun including lots of singing, I sailed from 7:30 till 9:15 and Lucy from 1:50 till 2:10. Due to a late night on Sunday we were quite tired so Liv and Grace had a 2hour sleep and I fell asleep on someone for an hour :/ Awkward. The hand shapes from our head torches and the boats parts that looked strangely like camels were one of the many reasons for our late nights...don’t ask.

Once everyone had woken up we had our lunch and carried on sailing toward Whitehaven. We finally got here and we (‘the bow group’) had a shower and got attacked by a goose, whilst the others (‘the stern group’) made dinner. We had our food and have sat down to write the blog.

Tomorrow won’t be quite as early (7am) and we will be heading back to Piel Island. Hope everyone is okay and we miss you lots <3xoxox

Goodnight and we’ll see you soon,

By Charlotte.S and Lucy.M

Read more about Sail Training on board Tenacity of Bolton at

Read more about Sail Training on board Tenacity of Bolton at

Monday, 11 June 2012

First day frolics

When everybody gathered on the boat on Sunday afternoon, we decided we would stay at Glasson Dock for the night and make our way to Fleetwood on Monday afternoon. Monday morning came and everybody was ready to learn about how to tie different types of knots and how to set the sails up. We put tying knots into practise when we got the boat ready to leave Glasson Dock and head through the lock before heading out the Lune Channel and out into Morecambe Bay.

We didn’t use the sails today because we had to arrive in Fleetwood by 7pm, but we are very excited about using them tomorrow. We let Ian and Matt helm the boat as we enjoyed the view and had a great laugh. We soon arrived in Fleetwood where we docked the boat and used all of our knots knowledge again. Whilst the other team prepared dinner our group went with Matt to the toilets and made up a rather special dance which we did down the bridge #YOLO. So far we have really enjoyed what we have been learning over today and hope to use our knowledge in more sailing, and hope to get the best experience out of this week! Missing both of our mums and dads loads love you!

Olivia Gould and Grace Ball ;-)<3