Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wednesdays Blog

Today it has been the first day we all have had a shower since being on the boat. We (Heather and Elena) were supposed to have ½ an hour at the showers; however we went slightly over, to an hour. Luckily, we thought of a very realistic excuse, that we had been abducted by geese and robbed by seagulls.

Then we all tacked north towards Workington and to pass the time Amber and I (Heather) gave Elena a lecture about the importance of bum’s because she was complaining about the ones around her. She has now overcome her phobia of them and now knows if she didn’t have one she would die in several different ways.

For lunch it was our turn to make sausage butty’s. Which went down very well. Once we got to Whitehaven it was time to clean the boat;

Lucie- Hovered

Amber- Polished and hovered

Aaisha and Vasudha- Cleaned the galley

Elena, Heather and Fi- Washed the decks

And Charlotte had the best job of all, cleaning the bog :D......>.< However, some people found that the decks were cleaner before we started cleaning (including us).

As a treat for our hard work we all got to go toooooo..................................TESCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD. We got to spend a whole £3 each :o. However, again we stretched the limits and spend an extra 9p :O! We all went to the bargain prices and only found out once we bought them that we saved only 8p -.-

On the way back, we went to the loo, where Elena got her new nickname ‘ Ploppy’ ............ enough said. After that we went to the beach in our wellies and 5/14 filled up with water (including ours).

After a long day we decided to have a calm game of gambling (with the washers), which soon turned into a heated battle to win the price..................................of satisfaction :D YEHHHH!!!! Well done Charlotte!

For tea we had Spaghetti Bolognese and fruit crumble. Which was FAB! However it would have tasted better with margarine AND unsalted butter! Amber ;-).

Well that’s all folks, and as they would say on the walkie talkies, TENACITY OUT!!!!! (For now :-P)

By Heather King and Elena Payne.

P.S. Hi Mum! xxxx

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