Thursday, 9 June 2011

Thursday Ramsey back to Glasson

Today we had to get up very early (especially for Elise, and Jo; who didn’t get up until two minutes before we needed to get on deck…), 5:30, so we could travel back from the Isle of Man to Glasson Dock. Some people ventured below deck to catch up on some well needed sleep. We were meant to stay down for one hour however some people, not mentioning any names, Jo and Pippa, stayed under for three hours! Jo was ‘so tired’ she couldn’t possibly walk all the way to her cabin to retrieve her sleeping bag and so decided to continuously swap bags with anyone who wasn’t down under, the owners, however, were unaware of the sleeping bag stow away until, they tried to get in themselves, though everyone took it in good humour!

Those who weren’t sleeping below deck saw lots of jellyfish, however they were taken by surprise when they saw a huge orange jellyfish, which had chunky tentacles and looked like a giant mushroom.

Half way through the journey the sun came out and everyone decide to sunbathe but also applied a mass amount of sun; alternating between odd smelling factor 50 and sweet smelling factor 30, as there were no clouds to block the sun.

Getting into the harbour was a struggle as the boat kept sticking to the mud; however it was so worth it when we got into our first showers since Monday and they were very welcoming.

We are very sad to go back tomorrow but are missing everyone.


Jo: Most concerned about the value of sleep.

Ginny: Least concerned about the value of sleep.

Pippa: Best at feeding face and table.

Elise: Starfish and Fiona’s life savour (though it was her own fault that she made Fiona choke from laughing while drinking).

Fiona: Tidiest bed and the nicest wellies.

Izzy: Best provider of sweets.

Ian, Russ, Liz and Cath: Best Crew. 

By Elise, Fiona and Izzy

Wednesday Douglas to Ramsey

Let’s start with Tuesday evening-it was great! After a rocky day at sea, we anchored off the shore of Douglas port. As we got off the boat, we realised that it was the TT races week (motorbikes) which explained the large crowds on the hills. At the port however, it was quiet until suddenly we saw the red arrows fly straight over our heads and the ear-splitting rumble of the engines rung through our ears. We stayed on the port for about half an hour watching in awestruck silence. When we finally started to make our way into the town, we discovered why no one was around. The gate was shut at the end of the pier. We were locked in. Security seemed to take forever to come and after spending so much time on the sea, the ground appeared to be wobbling. Finally, we were out and walked straight into a festival with GreenDay sprouting out at full volume. Elise and Ginny were delighted, as had been singing it nonstop and had taught everyone on board all the words to ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’. We bought plenty of sweets and some of us went on a fairground ride, called power surge. Surprisingly, after being sick all day on the boat, no one was sick on the ride. Fiona won the award for being the most sick on board.

On Wednesday morning we finally got a lie in because we had made the decision to go to Ramsey instead of Whitehaven because it was a much shorter journey. Thankfully we didn’t have to eat whilst on the move so no cereal was spilt. We anchored off the shore of the small town of Ramsey and took the dinghy out to the harbour so we could wander round the town and visit the lifeboat station. In the lifeboat we were all told about different things about how they functioned and different ways of searching for people out at sea. There were three rooms on the life boat: the control room with all the technical stuff, the engine room which had to be checked every half hour while at sea to make sure everything was ok and the survivors cell which was a very cramp room with no windows so most saved people were taken into the control room so they were less frightened. All together it was very interesting and we also went shopping though mostly for sweets and returned to the boat.

By Elise, Izzy, Fiona and Ginny

Tuesday Piel Island to Douglas

ReadYo-Ho-Ho it’s a sailor’s life for me…

We recently arrived at Douglas Port (in the Isle of Man, we’re out of England!!!). It’s sunny now but earlier it was wet and choppy and below deck pots and pans were flying everywhere, meaning that a few people were sick. We saw tons of jelly fish and made up a game of spotting them (And anything else we could see) to pass the time as the trip was a staggering ten hours long! We saw what looked like a cow walking along the horizon, but soon realised it was a gas platform, (not a ‘magical walking super cow’ as Josie described it!! Oh well...

We had to get up at six to get ready and we arrived at 4:30. Breakfast and lunch were ‘interesting’ to say the least as we had to make them whilst the rogue waves knocked us about in the midst of the Irish Sea. We were very tired form the event of last when we went onto the dingy to explore Piel Island; meeting some cute dogs and having a ‘conversation’ with a Turkey! We went and visited a ruined castle on the island and we made a ghost movie (Wooooh!!!). Therefore we were like zombies in the morning and ended up having a nap on deck in the afternoon even though we continuously kept getting soaked by the splashes of the waves.

 We had such a great day and are very hungry as we have been working hard scrubbing the decks and getting the boat into the harbour, but tea is on the way, its Curry! Thanks to Ian, Josie, Ginny and Pippa for making it tonight.

Smile your on Tenacity

How tall is he?

 We have found a great looking boat in the harbour and think that it is worthy of the great honour of receiving the award for best boat, it was 1 meter wide and had about 14 cm’s of water in it (going up the sides) it also looked like it would snap when anyone stood in it… Great boat. We’re going to think up more for our friends…

By Elise, Izzy and Fiona

Monday, 6 June 2011

Our first day at sea

Hi, we are finally at Piel Island and the view is amazing. There are great castle ruins that we are anchored quite close to. Also, on the way here we saw loads of seals, they were really cute and we can still just about see them. We’re learning really fast, we are getting the hang of knots, tacks and steering quickly and we are really enjoying ourselves. There is very useful medicine below deck and we are the first group with Ian not to be sick on the first day (yay!) Don’t worry, we haven’t bought anything yet, and when we do it will be money well spent.

Much to our surprise the food here is actually quite nice, we were expecting to be eating sea biscuits and fishing for our dinner (arrr me hearties!!) When the boat was moving, we all tottered about like drunken sailors, especially below deck. We can’t wait to see you again soon, we miss you!!

Love, Tenacity x