Thursday, 9 June 2011

Tuesday Piel Island to Douglas

ReadYo-Ho-Ho it’s a sailor’s life for me…

We recently arrived at Douglas Port (in the Isle of Man, we’re out of England!!!). It’s sunny now but earlier it was wet and choppy and below deck pots and pans were flying everywhere, meaning that a few people were sick. We saw tons of jelly fish and made up a game of spotting them (And anything else we could see) to pass the time as the trip was a staggering ten hours long! We saw what looked like a cow walking along the horizon, but soon realised it was a gas platform, (not a ‘magical walking super cow’ as Josie described it!! Oh well...

We had to get up at six to get ready and we arrived at 4:30. Breakfast and lunch were ‘interesting’ to say the least as we had to make them whilst the rogue waves knocked us about in the midst of the Irish Sea. We were very tired form the event of last when we went onto the dingy to explore Piel Island; meeting some cute dogs and having a ‘conversation’ with a Turkey! We went and visited a ruined castle on the island and we made a ghost movie (Wooooh!!!). Therefore we were like zombies in the morning and ended up having a nap on deck in the afternoon even though we continuously kept getting soaked by the splashes of the waves.

 We had such a great day and are very hungry as we have been working hard scrubbing the decks and getting the boat into the harbour, but tea is on the way, its Curry! Thanks to Ian, Josie, Ginny and Pippa for making it tonight.

Smile your on Tenacity

How tall is he?

 We have found a great looking boat in the harbour and think that it is worthy of the great honour of receiving the award for best boat, it was 1 meter wide and had about 14 cm’s of water in it (going up the sides) it also looked like it would snap when anyone stood in it… Great boat. We’re going to think up more for our friends…

By Elise, Izzy and Fiona

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