Thursday, 9 June 2011

Thursday Ramsey back to Glasson

Today we had to get up very early (especially for Elise, and Jo; who didn’t get up until two minutes before we needed to get on deck…), 5:30, so we could travel back from the Isle of Man to Glasson Dock. Some people ventured below deck to catch up on some well needed sleep. We were meant to stay down for one hour however some people, not mentioning any names, Jo and Pippa, stayed under for three hours! Jo was ‘so tired’ she couldn’t possibly walk all the way to her cabin to retrieve her sleeping bag and so decided to continuously swap bags with anyone who wasn’t down under, the owners, however, were unaware of the sleeping bag stow away until, they tried to get in themselves, though everyone took it in good humour!

Those who weren’t sleeping below deck saw lots of jellyfish, however they were taken by surprise when they saw a huge orange jellyfish, which had chunky tentacles and looked like a giant mushroom.

Half way through the journey the sun came out and everyone decide to sunbathe but also applied a mass amount of sun; alternating between odd smelling factor 50 and sweet smelling factor 30, as there were no clouds to block the sun.

Getting into the harbour was a struggle as the boat kept sticking to the mud; however it was so worth it when we got into our first showers since Monday and they were very welcoming.

We are very sad to go back tomorrow but are missing everyone.


Jo: Most concerned about the value of sleep.

Ginny: Least concerned about the value of sleep.

Pippa: Best at feeding face and table.

Elise: Starfish and Fiona’s life savour (though it was her own fault that she made Fiona choke from laughing while drinking).

Fiona: Tidiest bed and the nicest wellies.

Izzy: Best provider of sweets.

Ian, Russ, Liz and Cath: Best Crew. 

By Elise, Fiona and Izzy

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