Thursday, 29 September 2011

Thursday 29th September – Morecambe Bay at its finest…

This morning we were woke early as Max and first mate James decided to have a pootle round the island at 4am in the morning! Most people woke at 7am with the table all set and ready for breakfast, as Sam apparently set it at 5am this morning…”I was bored”, he said.

Yet again the “Destiny Pandas”, who sleep in the bow of the boat, took an hour to wash up, then at 9am we were all ready to go. We set off with an ETA of 1pm. Luckily Sam wasn’t sick again and Robert didn’t sleep for 5 hours.

We arrived in Glasson Dock at 12.30 but had to wait for the lock gates to be wound open by the lock keepers. There were lots of people enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the baost around Glasson dock and then we passed through the lock and into the upper basin, where the boat is kept.

Everyone was relieved, but when James asked “Are you glad to be back?”, everyone said “No!”…so it must have been good in everyone’s mind. Back home tomorrow; I think we are all ready to go now. Altogether a great day, and looking forward to a well deserved lie in tomorrow!

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th September 2011 – Two blogs for the price of one!

Due to a late arrival and poor internet connections in the Isle of Man, the last two days blog is posted in one entry tonight.

Tuesday 27th – Wild ride to Douglas!

0600 – We woke in the boat startled by the sound of the engine; there was not enough water for the boat to leave the anchorage so the skipper told us that we wouldn’t be leaving for a couple of hours. This meant a lie in, but also we were slightly delayed in our schedule by the very low tide. We woke up again at 8 o’clock to set sail, bound for the Isle of Man.

Upon setting sail we realized that the sea was a lot rougher than we expected. We were thrown around the cockpit by the lumpy sea. Along our course, we spotted a wind farm. It was so big that it took two hours to get past it!

Whilst we were passing by it, we had some eggy bread, which Sam was desperate to make, although in the end through feeling a little under the weather, in the end he didn’t have any.

Very soon after, we had a quick lunch of jacket potatoes and beans. About mid afternoon, we came across a series of big waves one of which came over the side and coated Tom in water! After our long journey, we arrived in the Isle of Man, and all we did was have a shower and go shopping in Tesco’s!

For dinner we had a curry. It fully cured all of our sea sickness, and left us feeling good for the night to come.

Wednesday 28th - Mediterranean conditions prevail!

Today has been the most important day! We made it back from the Isle of Man, and Sam has not been sick today! We awoke at 7am with the intention of leaving at 8am. We were quickly into the 2 – 3 m high waves, for another 8 hours at 9am. Along with being a great day it has been a sausage day as well. For 11’ses we had sausage and bacon butties, lunch was hot dogs and tea is good old sausage and mash!

The call for “Land Ahoy” came about 3pm…then we knew we were near! All the lads have been cheery today, singing songs, helping out on deck and smiling and having fun! Relief cam as we came nearer to Piel Island where we are anchoring for the night.

Tea on and we were all hungry! We saw loads of seals popping about 100m from the boat, and we could hear them on the island. Max anchored us, and I think, even after a great day at sea we were ready for a rest. Overall, a day to remember.

We’re on our way home to Glasson Dock tomorrow, and then a big clean up of the boat. Only two more days left, and I think everyone agrees that’s a bad thing!

Sam and the midgets.

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Monday, 26 September 2011

Monday 26th September 2011 – Trip to Piel Island

Bleary eyed and dazed we woke up to our first morning on Tenacity. We were brought to consciousness by Cameron falling out of bed and no help from Sam or Tom except for sniggers. Porridge was served for breakfast and after we had cleaned up, we were given oilskins and James gave us our lifejackets.

We had to rearrange the ropes before we left the harbour.

Shortly into our maiden voyage, a buoy fell overboard. Max whirled the boat round, Cath hauled the buoy back on the deck….Don’t worry it was just an inflatable buoy! After completing our Man overboard drill, we continued on our way to Piel Island. We put all four sails up and sailed between some green and red buoys which marks the Fleetwood channel and out into the deep water. There were lots of big ships going into Heysham. As we headed across Morecambe bay to Piel Island, the wind died and we had to take the sails down and put the engine on. It was about this time that Sam and Robert had a puking contest with it ending 5-3. Despite this we survived off Bacon sandwiches, tea and coffee…we even spotted a basking shark.

After another buoyed channel, we eventually we reached Piel Island (population 2, being the official King & Queen). We launched the dinghy and went shore where we did a walk all around the island and ended up in the castle…the king was conspicuous by his absence!

We then returned to Tenacity where we sat down to a delicious meal of Burgers and Wedges!

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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thursday 22nd September – Away day to Piel Island

I woke up to the sound of the engine. We got our waterproofs on and headed straight to the deck. I eat my cornflakes and I spilled my cereal and milk on the floor. After everyone finished their breakfast, we headed out of the lock gates, heading towards Piel Island.

On the way we had Alex being sick 5 times and Bill threw up 4 times and Will 4 times . After 3 hours of sailing we reached Piel Island. We lowered the dinghy into the water and headed to the Island. When we all reached the Island and checked the King of the Islandwas in (because it is an individual country), but he wasn’t in, so we headed to the castle of the island.

When we arrived at the Castle we looked around and then played tag for a bit and then headed back to the boat. When we headed off again, only Will was sick on the way back and we pulled into the harbour (Fleetwood) after another 3 hour sail.

Ben Ray

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wednesday 21st September - Windy Day!

Today we got up at the usual time of 7am. It was our turn to cook breakfast and it was bacon butties as a result of humiliating Russ in a race last night. After breakfast, we suddenly realized that it was Harry’s birthday. We then went to have a shower in a nearby building which had a large TV, showers and toilets.

After we had our showers we found out that Top Gear was on TV but we had to do the washing up. After the washing up we washed the boat’s deck which was fun! Soon after we lowered the lifeboat and went for a drive in it. Tom was incredibly amazing but Alex crashed into many boats because he wasn’t wearing his glasses.

After we had returned the boat we had our lunch. Our team, the TMHC’s had prepared pancakes with a side dish of crisps. We were in a dock and the lock gate didn’t open till 4.10pm so we went for a walk to the beach and the village of Fleetwood.

When we arrived back to Tenacity of Bolton, we got our waterproofs on ready to sail, then the news came….We were told that the wind was gusting to an astonishing 46 knots outside the gates so we could not sail for the whole day!

The other team; The Banter Wagon, prepared tea which was delicious Pork, rice and broccoli. The Banter Wagon cleaned up. That was another exciting day over.

Alex & Tom

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tuesday 20th September – Skills and Drills!

Today we got up at 7am like we did yesterday. As soon as we got up we had our breakfast which was Ready Brek with syrup and/or Frosties. There was toast as well.

After Breakfast we did some training drills in the dinghy, where at some point we all took control of steering the dinghy. Then we all had to help in pulling up the dinghy back onto the back of the boat.

Straight after that we were doing more work. We had to switch the big jib for a smaller one so we didn’t go too fast when we went out. When we had done that we had lunch!!!! For lunch we ate jacket potatoes with beans, cheese, spaghetti hoops, tuna, sweetcorn etc…
Then we were raring to go! We waited till the gate opened and then we were off. We motored into the bigger bay and did a “Man Overboard” practice with a bouy called Maurice; we nearly lost him at one point!
Soon after we did that we put all 4 sails up to full size and we were off. It was leaning all over the place, Harry, Will, Bill (me), Alex and Max all had a go at steetring….then the “TIFFIN” that we made last night came out. This sparked all sorts of problems. Ben, Will then Alex felt sick. Then it happened; Alex couldn’t hold it any longer and he spewed in a bucket. But fortunately he was the only one and we headed back to Fleetwood for the night.
Can’t wait to get out again!

By Bill Moores

PS. To Mum and dad and Bertie…I am having a great time; do not worry…hope you are having a great time so see you soon.


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Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday 19th September

Woke up this morning to the sound of Max, the skipper putting the kettle on at 7.00am. When we had gathered our bearings we had porridge and cereals for breakfast followed by showers onshore in the marina.

After breakfast we went up on deck and learned all about the ropes and fenders and we did a couple of practice circles round the marina basin to practice going through the lock gates. At 2.30 we went through the lock gate and got ready to go to sea ; little did we know that there was another lock gate at the other end!

At the bottom of the lock there was yet another gate we had to wait for to open, and once we were through that , we were in the Irish Sea…or at least the River Lune! At first we were crazy with excitement until we hit the waves. Some of us enjoyed it and some felt a little queasy, but we all made it through OK.

We finally arrived at Fleetwood and entered the harbour through another set of lock gates. We’re having Fish & Chips for tea and chocolate Tiffin cake for pudding! We hope for a quiet night in Fleetwood and we are looking forward to a good days activities tomorrow!

Blog by William Plant

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Sunday, 18 September 2011

18th September - Day 1!

Sunday 18th September

Today we got on Tenacity which is tied up in Glasson Dock. The crew are Ben, Tom, Alex, Will, Bill, Max, Harry.

We got shown where to put our kit, and then got given a set of waterproofs and a lifejacket which are ours for the week. After that we got to choose which bunk we wanted to sleep in. After that we went up on deck and started learning all about the winches and the ropes as well as learning about the toilet down below and the galley and how to use it safely.

It was 7 o’clock by the time we got to cook our tea and Steve helped us cook stir fried veg and rice, which Tom, Alex and Will did a fantastic job of cooking and then cleaning up after wards.

Once the boat was all cleaned up after tea, we braved the rain and went for a walk into Glasson Village. We spotted the buoys in the river and looked at the lock we will be going through tomorrow.

We won’t be able to leave till tomorrow afternoon due to the tides so Max, Russ and Steve, the crew said that we will be practicing our crewing skills In the morning…so it sounds like a busy day ahead!

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Map of Boys Year 8 voyage 18 - 23 September 2011

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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday 4th September 2011

We have just returned from a voyage to Piel Island and back with a group of adults who were very involved with the building of Tenacity when she was still at Bolton School.

It has been a great weekend with plenty of wind, and rain, yesterday giving us a super sail across the bay, overnight the wind conveniently dropped leaving the anchorage peaceful for the tired sailors on board.

Sunday was a very quiet day with the sea state for the trip back across the bay as flat as it has every been seen.  This allowed us to enjoy a leisurely sail back across the bay and into Glasson.

Hearing the stories from the volunteers of the trials and tribulations they encountered during the building of Tenacity reminded me of the magnitude of the whole project, and what a super resource Tenacity is for all those who get the chance to sail on her.

We look forward to inviting Bolton School Year 8 students back on board this autumn for more exciting voyages in the Morecambe bay area.

Colin, Skipper

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