Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tuesday 20th September – Skills and Drills!

Today we got up at 7am like we did yesterday. As soon as we got up we had our breakfast which was Ready Brek with syrup and/or Frosties. There was toast as well.

After Breakfast we did some training drills in the dinghy, where at some point we all took control of steering the dinghy. Then we all had to help in pulling up the dinghy back onto the back of the boat.

Straight after that we were doing more work. We had to switch the big jib for a smaller one so we didn’t go too fast when we went out. When we had done that we had lunch!!!! For lunch we ate jacket potatoes with beans, cheese, spaghetti hoops, tuna, sweetcorn etc…
Then we were raring to go! We waited till the gate opened and then we were off. We motored into the bigger bay and did a “Man Overboard” practice with a bouy called Maurice; we nearly lost him at one point!
Soon after we did that we put all 4 sails up to full size and we were off. It was leaning all over the place, Harry, Will, Bill (me), Alex and Max all had a go at steetring….then the “TIFFIN” that we made last night came out. This sparked all sorts of problems. Ben, Will then Alex felt sick. Then it happened; Alex couldn’t hold it any longer and he spewed in a bucket. But fortunately he was the only one and we headed back to Fleetwood for the night.
Can’t wait to get out again!

By Bill Moores

PS. To Mum and dad and Bertie…I am having a great time; do not worry…hope you are having a great time so see you soon.


Read more about Sail Training on board Tenacity of Bolton at http://www.tenacityofbolton.org/

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