Monday, 26 July 2010

Day 2 - Ramsey to Islay

Ramsey saw us off at 10AM. As we swept around the end of the Isle of Man, Scotland appeared before us. A compromise between efficiency and correct course led us to sail close hauled to the wind. Realising that the Scottish coast was fast approaching, tacking appeared to be the only option, until of course we remembered the engine.
Our favourable tide turned against us, as it is wont to do, and the constant drizzle did little to improve the situation. A surplus of rice from dinner inspired Alistair and George to get creative with demerera, chocolate powder and milk. Making rice pudding, eating Malt Loaf, listening to the Fleetwood Foxes: the perfect girly night in.
“Why doesn’t something exciting happen,” said Toryn querulously, whereupon an armada of ferries, freighters and fishers poked their bows out of the mist in what was soon to become a large game of battleships. After crossing this busy sea lane linking Stranraer and Larne, we found it a struggle to maintain watch as night fell despite Neil insisting that visibility was good as he could still see the horizon.
Relieved at midnight by the Starboard Watch, the Port Team headed below for some well earned shut-eye as a raucous game of “Never Mind the Buzzcocks” erupted on deck. Morale soon began to falter during the lonely hours until dawn, with Alistair’s cheery “Good Morning” brutally rebuffed at 4AM by Mister B. The Port Team briefly resumed their vigil as we anchored off the coast of Islay, cheered by the promise of hot showers and shore leave at the fringes of the dawn sky. Thus ended our leg from Douglas, covering an impressive 101NM in just over 18 hours. More to undoubtedly follow tomorrow.

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