Friday, 13 August 2010

Day Numero Otto – Thursday 12th August

After another early morning getting us out of Lock Eatharna, with the stern crew wearily taking first watch, everyone was feeling rather down at the prospect of our last full day on the boat. Also, with only half an hour of sailing to do on Friday, this was really our last proper day, so we were determined to make it a good one, a feat which was roundly agreed that we managed!
After a rough, but fairly uneventful, start to the day, bow watch took over, but stern watch remained on deck to enjoy the trip. It was lucky that they did, as we saw a grand total of FIFTEEN basking sharks, in the space of about 20 minutes, even having the excitement of almost sailing into a particularly obstinate one, which refused to move from in front of us until the very last second!
And just when it seemed that nothing could top that, bow watch went below for a nap, and stern watch took control again, with Emma at the helm. All day, we had been determined to hit 9 knots of speed, as a final high note, as our previous top speed had hovered at around the middle 8s, although we knew the possibility was slim. Without help from the engine, the boat hit 8.9, and after a tense second… dropped back again, to groans and shouts all round. For the rest of the watch, we studied the speed carefully, shouting every time we came close until at last we hit the much awaited 9kt! In fact, by the end of the watch, this was a common occurrence, with each strong gust pushing us to around the 9kt mark, and our final top speed an amazing 9.4!! A possible record for the boat we feel!
Stern watch spent the next hour and a half having a well-earned nap below deck, despite the danger of falling off beds and couches, and only awoke to eat a fantastic dinner, made all the better by the fact that it was made by the instructors!! The evening turned into a big game of Articulate with the instructors coming a respectable 2nd twice.

Day Numero Nove – Friday 13th August

A quick motor the last mile to Kerrera for a shower and a clear up of the boat brought our excellent trip to an end. Thanks to David, Cath and Ian for their help.

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