Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Foggy sailing

We rose at 7:30 and prepared the boat for departure and to do so we had to go through a lock gate to get out to sea, the earliest we could do this was 10:00. When we got out to sea things were serious because the fog restricted our view of other boats and objects and also the waves were quite large, this meant we had to be alert. In the second watch we motored very close to the orange cliffs and we even saw some porpoises.Further on the journey we encounter some really big waves hence 3 people felt sea sick. Despite this we did not turn back and this was a good decision as the wind was good enough to go sailing as opposed to motoring the lot. Whilst sailing we reached a magnificent speed of 6 knots, some of the way we got as 3 knots. We had to start using the fog horn which was really annoying as it went of every 2 minutes for over 5 seconds! It was as cold as ice as we saw a massive huddle of birds in our way which just moved before getting crushed. We learned how to gybe the boat (to turn away from the wind). After we finally stopped sailing, we baked some cookies which were 10X better than the meal that followed! Not that the meal was bad it was really good! We entered the Piel Islands Sea and as we came in we saw some lifeboats in the sea which looked like a less serious emergency and just after we saw this we had a bit of trouble with the anchor and we finally got sorted and went for dinner which again Ammaar did not finish at dinner.

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