Thursday, 11 October 2012

Wednesdays long sail

We had to get up at 6:45am in the morning! After getting ready we slipped the bow and stern and set off on our 11 hour journey. We saw part of Scotland and we saw St Bees Heads. The wind was not coming from the right direction for us to harness it for power, so we had to use the motor. At lunch we ate jacket potatoes and we then had a jacket potato race. After lunch we then played cards. During, the day Rosie slept for 10 of the 11 hours of our journey. Though the day nearly everyone felt ill except from Emily, the only person who threw up was Elsbeth. Also, Emily started dancing on the back of the boat. Finally, we arrived at Glasson dock at 7pm but got stuck on a bump in the ground. For tea, we had fish (cod), new potatoes, peas and Yorkshire pudding. By Abigail and Trinity.

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