Tuesday, 21 September 2010

21st September Glasson - Piel Island

The morning started at a very acceptable time of 7.00 when we were awoken by Ian, we had a cereal breakfast to start with and then prepared the boat for a day at sea, packing all our kit away and getting into our waterproofs and lifejackets before slipping away from our berth at Glasson and going into the lock gates on the other side of the basin.

Being an entirely manual affair we had plenty of time to prepare and eat sausage butties while the two lock-keepers closed the gates and emptied the lock so that we could enter into the lower basin. As we were quite early into the bottom basin we had a good half hour’s wait until the sea lock came down and we sailed out into the river.
To start with we followed the red and green bouys down the river until we reached the Lune Cardinal (a black and yellow bouy), then we started sailing as the wind picked up. For a short while we sailed along nicely and had our lunch on deck but then gradually the sea got choppy, Nick was sick following a brief spell of quesyness and Myles copied shortly after. Nick appeared to be much improved following his bout of sickness but while asking for a cup of water and was sick again all over the cockpit and managed to refill his just emptied water glass.

On the way into Piel Island we passed a windfarm and anchored at the moorings just off the Castle as shown on the map below. We got the dinghy down and then went and explored the castle but Nick, John and Sam found the tiny (??) run down castle not to their tastes and went with Colin to explore the seal colony just south of the Castle. Later we had Turkey Korma followed by Apple Crumble and custard, by which time Nick had read his first book all safe and well.

Tomorrow looks like being an early start as we head up to Whitehaven.

Nick and Jackson

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