Monday, 20 September 2010


Sam and Myles’s Blog
Everything is safe (for now!) for everyone onboard. We have settled in and are now making this more like our home for the next couple of days. Everyone is enjoying it. We have been given some waterproof pants & waterproof tops. We have also been given a lifejacket and had a quick briefing on what it has and what to do. The skipper has showed us all the safety it has and how it works. We spent all morning going through the safety aspects of the journey. Today we did a lot of things including; learning how to drive the R. I. B. (the Ridged Inflatable Boat), learn to get the sails out, learn how to do bowline, practice to park the boat, everyone walked to the lock to see what will happen and how it works, went to the park for a couple of minutes and (unluckily for me) get woken up by swans attacking my window at 4:30am. But without a doubt the best bit is definitely the food, which bow group made. We are split into two groups, bow and stern. The majority is in stern, tomorrow stern do breakfast and tea and bow do lunch.

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