Monday, 17 October 2011

Gale force winds for Monday

Hello, Sally and Christie here.

We woke up this morning after very little sleep. We decided to be little stars and get the breakfast out early. However we forgot a few necessaries.

After a lovely breakfast we went for a pleasant walk in the rain to see where the locks were. After a little trip to the village store and park we came back with jelly tots, aero caramel, 3 bags of salt and vinegar crisps, lucozade, ├ęclairs and a giant bar of dairy milk.

We were still undecided on whether we would leave the dock today however the weather was too windy to sail, getting up to severe gale force 9.

After a well deserved lunch of minestrone soup and sandwiches we learnt some knots. The bow-line we all found very difficult

and a few got in a bit of a strop but Dawns hot chocolate cheered us all up with a demonstration of how to turn a biscuit into a straw by the lovely Simon.

Claudia and ourselves have just been preparing spaghetti bolognaise for dinner. The onions made us all cry, especially Christie, however Claudia was still moaning. Whilst we were cooking Amy, Ruth & Parisa were having a game of mastermind.

Weather is still wet & windy outside however the smell of dinner is cheering us all up. We are definitely looking forward to bedtime and the midnight feast ;)!

This is why we stayed at Glasson to-day

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