Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Roa and Piel Islands

Today we woke up to a yummy breakfast of porridge and toast. After breakfast we put our oil skins on and set off to Roa Island. When we got near enough we lowered the dingy down, and as the first group were setting off in the dinghy, the others were stuffing their pockets with sweets and chocolate. When we had all arrived on Roa Island we went for a short walk along the beach and looked for treasure. Unfortunately the best treasure we found was a piece of thick glass. After this we went and bought a drink from a small café and set off back to Tenacity, to be greeted with a lunch of vegetable soup and jam sandwiches.

As we were sailing back to where we were moored we spotted lots of seals and Georgina was practicing her seal noises! When we had arrived back near Piel Island some of us started tea while the others went crab fishing. So far the record is three cabs caught at once and we have currently got in a bucket 11 crabs but we hope to catch many more. As Katrina and Hannah were crab fishing they saw a passing fishing boat and started waving to them, but the fishermen thought we were waving for them to come over because we were in trouble!

As we are writing this the others are still crabbing as we wait for our tea of chicken curry, rice and naan bread whilst for pudding we are looking forward to a delicious chocolate fondue. All together there were smiling faces all day. 

By Anna and Katrina.

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