Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Loch Fyne

After 8 hours of sailing, we find ourselves moored up at a marina at East Loch Tarbert. Yet again we’ve had a busy day after an early start of 7.30. It was all go right from the off as we had to slip the mooring buoy that we had tied ourselves to, to keep ourselves safe, during the night, which was particularly rocky. After we had skilfully slipped the buoy, we started heading north up Loch Fyne. But a surprise was on its way when Hiren took the helm and managed to take the vessel to a record speed of 8.6 knots, a new best by almost 2 knots. But the elation was short-lived as the computer only recorded a speed of 8.3 knots.

Around 1.10, the crew jumped to stations in order to lower the anchor for the lunch stop, which the skipper had selected to be, at the entrance to Loch Gair almost 18 nautical miles up Loch Fyne. Surrounded on either side by steep snow-topped mountains, we sailed at a fairly fast speed down Loch Fyne. The journey was relatively uneventful however, 30 minutes in, the wind picked up, forcing skilled helmsman, Peter Mackin, to get us through this tough patch of sea.

Fortunately, Peter managed to get through without a scratch. Downstairs, record-breaker Hiren Patel, and his partner, Alex Johnson began making a scrumptious scone platter, before coming back up to help moor the boat at East Loch Tarbert. After this incredible manoeuvre, done with expert skill and ease, easily showing off the boys quick learning skills, and quiet efficiency, Hiren and Alex made a luscious mix of chicken fillets, bell peppers and onion for the mouth-watering fajitas. Unfortunately, one member of the crew (Will), got a bit too greedy with his first fajita and at the end, Abhinav Kumar could not have a second. Fresh from his embarrassment of the previous nights beef rice fiasco, Will was very apologetic and Abhinav shrugged his hunger off like a man.
The highlight of the night was most definitely the chance for us all to get a good shower. As we washed the grime and dirt from between pores in our skin, we realised how long we had been at sea and how quick it had gone.

Now, we go to bed, looking forward to the final full day of this voyage of epic proportions.

Hiren Patel (Record-breaker) and Alex Johnson (previous record-breaker)

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