Thursday, 16 May 2013

Last day and all under sail

Today we woke up at the usual time but I still had some washing up to do which I wasn’t too happy about to say the least. At ten we set out sailing back to Glasson Dock we managed to get all the sails out and hit a speed of 4 knots.

 Apparently we had a close call with a big ship at this moment in time Callum was driving but Ian took over because it was deemed dangerous but personally I think it’s just Callum is just a bad driver. While this took place me and Luke were down stairs, Luke washing up and I was just keeping him company. Afterwards Callum, Dylan and Charlie were sunbathing up stairs on deck while Ian skippered.

 When we arrived at the docks we had to get all the fenders out so we don’t break the boat then we went and moored up and got settled for the night. Then Charlie split his lynx can and exploded and sprayed everywhere. Still waiting for tea fish and chips hoping its good hopefully so that’s the plan but there’s still time for more things to happen.

by Zac Newton

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