Monday, 17 June 2013

Still waiting for the tide at Glasson Basin

After being left by our parents we made dinner which was sausages, gravy and mash. Gravy was spilt on a couple of tracksuits, but everything was fine. We then had a walk, losing the ball (which we named Wilson) on the way, and had lots of races on the roads, watching out for cars of course, and then played on the playground before leaving and having a relatively early night. We woke up early-ish, despite Amie’s alarm clock failing to start, and had breakfast which comprised of cereal, toast and bacon rolls. We were then lucky enough to go and catch a shower in the marina, which is quite a rare treat. Soon after we went up onto the deck and learnt some knots, because we weren’t able to set sail yet. The knots were called “Bowline” and “Round-turn and two half hitches” and also an “OXO” knot afterwards. We then learnt how to tie up on the mooring and how to leave the pontoon. We went around the harbour for a bit, as we were practising for when we set off. We had a quick tea break, and lunch before actually setting off for Piel Island; we didn’t even get close because as soon as we got through the lock gates we got stuck in the mud, as it was a very low high-tide. No matter how hard we tried (2 hours worth), we couldn’t manage to leave Glasson Basin so we ended up tying up for the night in the basin. We then had a delicious tea of spaghetti bolognaise, made by Zoe, Maisie and Cerys, with guidance from Krystl, which we ate on deck. We now have to get up at 6AM to catch the proper high-tide so we can hopefully get to Piel Island by lunchtime, possibly earlier. Amy, Cerys & co.

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