Saturday, 29 June 2013

We sailed today

We finally got out on the water to sail. Breakfast resulted in a piece of extremely burnt toast that was relished by a hungry swan and some moorhens. After eating some lunch we decided to begin a cordial-based drinking game which ironically resulted in a spillage. We set sail after doing some map work and learning how to operate the sails. The weather improved from the previous day. We enjoyed the delightful view whilst waiting in the lock. It was a pleasant sailing experience... until we started sailing. To begin with we had a sing-song-session in the bow of the boat to distract us from the bumpy ride, everyone got wet or splashed. After a few hours on the boat, a few of us started to feel rather under the weather; this featured the infamous sick bucket. Vicky (aka Captain John), Than (aka Captain Greg), Suzie (aka Captain Rolf), Ailish (aka Captain Randall) and Hannah (aka Captain Keifffph) had a go at steering the boat which proved to be a difficult task. Shout out to Suzie who made a ‘meeeaaaann’ curry, even Hannah downed it. We anchored at Peel Island and we plan to sail tomorrow morning to Whitehaven to do the much anticipated shopping trip to Tesco.
And a good night from us.

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