Monday, 1 July 2013

The long sail to Whitehaven

We got up at 7:00 so we could make an early start from Peel Island to Whitehaven, and so we set of at 7:30. To wake us up we played the granny game, let’s see if you can have a go......... Granny likes knitting but she doesn’t like crocheting, Granny likes shampoo but doesn’t like soap, what does your Granny like and dislike? The weather was perfect for the more experienced sailor, but unfortunately for us newbies it was very rough. We managed to get all 4 sails up, and were travelling fast, our highest speed was 8.4 Knots, with wind speed gusting to a Force 6, which is the highest speed tenacity can handle. Sadly a lot of us got sea sick and felt deflated. So towards the end, the Extreme team had to come to the rescues, which included Zoe, Vicky and Suzie. During the journey Vicky lost a cup to the sea, which made her extremely sad. We finally all had a go at being captain and steering the boat, which was harder than the day before due to the weather. Finally we all got to have the much anticipated trip to Tesco’s and luckily we were well under budget with only spending £118.16. Due to the weather conditions we were all looking forward the tea as we had eaten little or nothing all day. For dinner we had a stir fry with a chocolate crispy cake for desert which was created by Ananya, Ailish and Hannah.


  1. Glad to hear you have all survived this far! Hope you will all come back as trained chefs if not qualified sailors. Sea legs are what you need!

  2. Wow! Your ship has just sailed right over the headland.