Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Our last days sailing

After a traumatic experience at 2 in the morning,  due to an alarm going off, Vicky, Ailish, Hannah, and Suzie woke up for 1 minute and went back to sleep putting all of our lives in danger. Luckily skipper Ian came to the rescue and our safety was assured. In the early hours of the morning, we had to bid farewell to our favourite port Fleetwood, with

warm showers and open spaces. Unfortunately the shoe clearance in the nearby shopping centre was closed. We anchored outside the lock gates and had breakfast, then decided our course for the day to put our knowledge of sailing to the test. All of us took part in tacking and jibing the sails, and the ride was more like a roller coaster. Fortunately it was a bucket free day, however there were times where we questioned whether some people were still breathing; Hannah in particular fell into a deep coma.  Unfortunately the wind was so strong we had to anchor and all of us were actually able to have lunch. But the sing song session was relived while we were making a good time out of the rainy weather. The musical diversity varied from the ever-so-classical Tchaikovsky to latest works of Beyoncé. During this time Juliet and Ananya also mastered all the knots in the book, being prepared for the Duke of Edinburgh prestigious examinations of knots which will be held on Wednesday 3rd of July 2013. The results will be released two minutes later and we shall all fail (Skipper bets that they won’t!!). Well done parents, we congratulate you for educating us and for giving us the gift of failure. We were given a lot more responsibility today especially while approaching Glasson Dock. After the largest rain cloud in the history of the world hit the boat and blinded us all we had a lucky escape and set up all the ropes or as sailors call them sheets. Than failed epically when her roving Fender rebounded against the side of the boat and she was taken back, but with her swag she shook off the embarrassment. We would now like to announce an important message to the parents of Zoë; it would be much appreciated if you would reimburse the cost of the broken drinking implement damaged by your child. #LOL. Co-headchefs Ailish and Ananya produced a delicious quorn stew; apparently quorn doesn’t fully satisfy the taste buds of these ravaging carnivores onboard. According to Suzie her day has been less eventful than per usual #literally #mean #badboiii #shesnotlying #notevenjoking #doyouknowhatimean. Another near death experience occurred when Vicky had severe blood loss from a broken nail, it was very dramatic. A very busy day ended and we recollected our favourite moments of the entire voyage. We would like to thank our amazing instructors Joe, Skipper Ian and Michelle. We appreciate everything you have done for us and have made this experience the best we could ever imagine. Also Thank You to our parents and Scotts Trust for granting us the opportunity of a lifetime, we will always remember our time on Tenacity of Bolton.  #YOLO.

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  1. What an adventure, sounds like a lot of fun... even with the few worries and broken nails along the way. The kids must be really appreciating that they can share this experience which many of us could only dream about.Hey have you ever been caught out with no babysitter ? It happens to the best of us, with our hectic lives and fully booked schedules it is easy to forget to arrange a babysitter or a nanny to take care of our children when the need arises. Best of luck with the adventure and be sure to keep us updated