Saturday, 13 July 2013

Tacking to Windward

Greetings earthlings! (Mr. beards usual hello)
Everyone arrived at Glasson Dock safe, sound and on time J (except Flora), we saw some people from school who were sailing “STOP AND GO”, Utte Schmeitgen, to Scilly Isles. After a quick, but thorough, safety briefing we were able to leave Glasson Dock early and off to Piel Island but unfortunately as the voyage progressed the sea got slightly rougher and some suffered from sea sickness. Never the less we hoisted the sails and tacked the north wind. There have been a variety of eating habits including a celiac, vegan and vegetarian making catering a challenge.
As he has retired Mr. Beard has said that we should call him John. To this we replied “ok Mr. Beard” finally the poor behaviour award has been given to the anchor who despite the synchronised Westholme anchor wiggling team, insisted on tying itself in knots and causing difficulty. Over all a good days sailing which everyone enjoyed.

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