Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Day 4

After waking up at a new port in Fleetwood we found it was extremely windy and there were fish bones everywhere, also seagulls were all over the place. Once we woke up it was a long slippery walk to the showers and toilets and Paul and Charles couldn’t get through the gate to get to them. However the facilities were great and the showers were nice and relaxing.

Later we motored to the marina and all got taught how to ferry glide. This went very well and we did this without difficulty and did it comfortably. When we were in a safe position the anchor was dropped and we had a try at fishing. Unfortunately nobody caught but it was hilarious watching Piers fail because he nearly caught his line on the mast.

After this we all went inside for lunch and had jacket potato and Collin’s delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies. Quickly after this we went back to Fleetwood before the tide went out.

Around an hour later we all lowered the dingy so we could be taught how it works. James’s team went first and we all got to have a go at controlling it. After we had set out we tried to paddle the boat against the strong current but absolutely failed. Also we nearly crashed into a boat. James then took control using the engine and teaching us how to control the motor. With all of us being taught the controls we had a go at driving. Sam started us off and Paul finished, however the worst driver by far was definitely Charles who almost crashed us into several boats.

For our evening event we went for a walk to the now dried up marina. This stroll was extremely muddy and we all got caked in mud. While we were there we saw three shipwrecks which had also been burnt. To add, Charles did stupid dares that Piers told him to do for example, lying in the mud and his face in it. When we got back from the walk we all washed ourselves with hose and Charles got his own back by wetting Piers.

Piers’s team have now started to make tea. We are looking forward to chicken korma and apple crumble, also we are looking forward to returning to Glasson Dock tomorrow.

Paul Hart and Charles Sandbach

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