Thursday, 26 May 2011

Wednesday the day we sailed

After an early start at 4.40am, we finally got our go at sailing. We took the stormy sea to Piel Island. There were lots of waves and wind, which caused Christopher, Tom, and Marcus to be sick on several occasions. After 4 hours of sailing, we finally arrived at the island. We went in the galley to prepare sandwiches to take with us to Piel Castle. We then took the short journey to Piel Castle, where we looked around before eating soggy sandwiches and crisps. Mira and Russ had a nap whilst Christopher, Oliver, Tom and Marcus had a play around in the little field surrounding the castle for a bit. We all went back to Tenacity and had half an hour to prepare to leave for Fleetwood. This boat journey was vomit-free. Marcus steered us to our destination, whilst Chris, Oliver and Tom dozed off a few times. After 4 long hours we finally arrived and enjoyed a well deserved dinner of korma and rice, with naan bread.

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