Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Piel Island

Today we took Tenacity to Piel Island. We also did our first bit of sailing from Glasson dock to Peel Island. We put up three out of four sails: main sail, missen and the genoa we didn’t put up the last sail cause it was naff. We got up at six with team C ie. Adam (Me) Alex R and Leaon L making a simple yet nutritional breakfast of cereal with a wide selection of cheerio’s ,frosties and cornflakes also some toast nutella and jam. We then put on our oils skins and went on deck to lock out of the dock. It took about 15 minutes to lock out then we were off!! We motored for a while then we put up the sails and got up to 7 knots. We have to hook onto a part of the boat with a rope at all times so moving around is a pretty slow process. While everyone sat in the cockpit, Adam(me) Leaon and Alex sat in the front of the boat for quite a while talking about not very much until we stopped just next to Piel Island and had Bacon Butties for lunch. We took the dinghy to Piel Island and got very wet in the tiny slightly deflated rib! We stopped off at the Island and looked around the castle which was pretty cool as we could climb really high We then split into parties and Me , Leaon , Alex and Dan ( the awesome instructor dude ) sat on the beach throwing rocks in the sunset :P While we were waiting at the jetty this loose horse attacked us. We are still not quite sure how it got to an Island. So we came back read our books and had Chicken Korma for Tea.......The End TYPED BY: Adam ABANDONED BY: Leaon , Alex


  1. Adam - thank you for confirming Alex R is on board even if his input into team C has been minimal!!

  2. Lol at the horse - maybe it had stowed away on the tenacity?? Can't wait to have you home Leo, the washing-up's REALLY starting to pile up now :)