Monday, 24 September 2012

Rainy day blog.

Here is our day so far: • There was a toxic waste plant in our bedroom- called J and B. • It rained all day and we were stuck in boat all day. • Safety rules are so interesting! HA HA. • Condensation is dripping on us in our beds. Wet beds! • EICHI the boat has definitely not sunk! Someone would you please tell him that! • Ben, Sam and Joe made the world’s best breakfast this morning! Bacon (Ben), Joe (Cereal) and Scrambled Eggs courtesy of Sam. • So far this is far better than school!!!!!!! • At dinner tonight, it got very emotional. It was Pasta Bolognaise. • Joe is so angry! He cannot find the flare guns! • We tried to sing a Christmas song, in every accent we could think of! It was so HARD! • Adam cried over.............. ONIONS! • Jake and Cain made the best ever cookies! YUM! Just like Dominoes. • Jake would make a very good oilskin model. He literally drowned n the smallest ones we had. Got to sign off now as we are about to eat our Chocolate Fondue dessert. Team “A” (Ben, Joe and Sam). Skippers note: We have had everything from gale force winds to flat calms today, the calm is I suspect because we are in the eye of the depression. That means that the wind will return with some gusto in the near future. Sadly it has poured with rain all day but we did manage to take the lads for a walk, all dressed in their oilskins! With safety being foremost in my mind we have stayed put and it is likely that we will do the same tomorrow. I am however hopeful of getting out on Wednesday morning. Ian.

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