Friday, 14 September 2012

The Um-Um blog

Hi this is Eleanor and Eilidh (part of team Um-Um) from Westholme School in Blackburn. After an early rise we all felt very tired, cold and slightly disappointed that we could not go out to sea because of the strong winds (mostly due to Eilidh). After first impressions we found out there was a lot to do. First we had breakfast, which was second breakfast for some of us. Then we had to scrub the deck which had become very messy with bird plop. Then some of us got to make cookies which is interesting to do without any measuring equipment. Then we got to go on the dinghy and got to have a go at driving it! It feels like we’ve been here for weeks already! Everyone has had more than enough to eat... and we are still eating. Everyone is healthy and well and having a good time. Tomorrow “the A team” will be doing the blog. So hi everyone at home we’re ok hope you are too!  xx

Hiiiii everyone! Its Lucy and Holly from umm-umms! Well, today we cleaned the boat from head to toe, which resulted in a massive water fight with the hose pipe! Tell you what, those tea towels we had spare in the cupboard came in handy! When we’d finally dried off, our team made lunch, resulting in Holly and I nearly burning chicken soup, and pasties! We’ve had a lovely time with the skipper and mate, Karen, renamed Auntie Karen for us two, and Ian! Not to forget the best teacher in the world, Mr Beard, who has to put up with us all weekend! We tied some ropes as well, after lunch, and we started learning all of the important knots, i.e. the noose! Then we played some games, resulting in some disappointing rounds of the primary games, and then we all took turns to journey down the canal in the dingy! However, when me, Holly and Karen went, I was instructed to grab a ladder to stop next to, and I fell down in the dinghy, causing us to nearly miss the ladder, and end up drifting down the canal! This afternoon, our team baked some cookies, which we ended up eating most of! We also ran out of peppa pig sweets while we were baking, some would say we need a quick trip to Tesco! We have also pigged out on the biscuits, and all been limited to two penguins a day well, that’s all for now, we don’t miss you at all! Hahaha only joking, love to everyone at home, see you soon x x x x x

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