Thursday, 7 October 2010

Arr thats what wash boards are for!

Who needs showers when you have sea spray?

Today, we set sail at 8am for Fleetwood after we were all suited and booted- we were ready to go. Up on deck, the waves were choppy and we were thrown all over the place; with the amount of sea spray it meant we didn’t have to have another shower! We even had our own wave detector system: every time we saw a wave … SCREAM! Unfortunatly we didn't get the wash board in in time and ended up with a wave down the main hatch, oops!

When we arrived at Fleetwood, around half one and because it was Emily’s birthday we made her a chocolate cake and Dave was kind enough to flip us up some pancakes because he wanted to give us a treat by that time dinner was ready with classic fish & chips. We had the cake for dessert and Ian decided to pop a party popper and with the shock Natalie smeared the chocolate cake all over her face!!! Now it’s the last night on tenacity, thank you for an amazing 5 days!

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