Tuesday, 19 October 2010


After getting up at the crack of dawn – 7am – we shoved on all our recently soaked layers and set off into the horizon, only to meet a big steel gate – the locks…

For breakfast, we had cereal then had a bacon butty once we were inside the locks. After half an hour of sailing most of us had buckets in our arms, throwing up every now and then, these people included (in this order): Heather, Nina and Phoebe. Most of us found it easier to look out at sea, to the land, because it was such a rocky boat journey. But they are all feeling all right now. Every second of the journey all you could hear was ‘are we there yet!?’(The noise was mainly coming from Natalie).

Unfortunately we could not make it to the Isle of Man today because of the wind direction; we are now in Piel Island and are staying here over night… when we got to the Island, we made hot dogs for lunch – YUMMY! We then went in the dinghy again to get to the island. Karen showed us how to fall over in spectacular style! We played hide and seek and human dominoes!!! Nina got followed by a dog (it was chewing her coat!!!).
Now we are making chocolate tiffin, and whilst we are sitting in their room, typing this, the bow group are making us some Spaghetti Bolognaise – mmmmmm…. better go get some food then!!!!!!

By Natalie and Heather – and the rest of the crew xxx

Read more about Sail Training on board Tenacity of Bolton at http://www.bsspatterdalehall.com/

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