Friday, 15 October 2010

Thursday 14th October

After another great breakfast, we headed off Tenacity in the dinghy to explore Piel Island and have an investigation of the castle and the beach. We had a great game of hide and seek, looked at the mussels on the beach and saw some very cool pigs!! We headed back and left our last evening destination to head back towards Glasson dock and the end of our adventure at sea. On leaving Piel Island we saw lots of seals on the beach, which were amazing. While we were stood on deck watching the seals a boat went by and the wash created a wave that made all those on the front deck wet…oh yuk! We looked out for porpoises, hoping to see some again as we had when heading south from Whitehaven but today we went so lucky.

Downstairs turned in to a food factory and while on the move we made scones and had them warm on deck with mugs of tea. Then we made fresh bread, some rocky road tiffin and more scones for later on! We arrived at Glasson and took all hands back up on the deck to help head into the docks. The expert crew members managed to tie their own bowlines in the ropes, secure the fenders and coil ropes…all without assistance. Throwing ropes to the side proved a little challenging but we got there in the end.

After some down time for a well earned cuppa on deck, we started the food factory up again and set to preparing our final feast…a lovely meal of pork, stir fry and rice. The cooking crew managed to learn some new dance moves and use just about every pot in the kitchen, but they produced an amazing meal for us all. After a mass washing up session we settle down to chocolate fondue and a quiz night!! We finished our evening off with a flying lantern before heading towards our beds for the last time.

Ellie says:
‘Tenacity is big enough to loose things in but still small enough to step on people’

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