Monday, 18 October 2010

Dinghy day

We were up early this morning after Iman having had only 4 and a half hours sleep.
For breakfast we had eggy bread it was gorgeous with a side order of ketchup or sugar. After washing up we started to appreciate the things parents do for us at home or as Phoebe said “It’s called a dishwasher.”
Next we got into the gear for the sailing training; we all looked like tellytubbies plodding around. Then we learnt the ropes to attach the boat to the side. When it came to practice it would have helped if the wind had not been gusting at over 30 knots.
While we worked we sang sea songs “when I was 1 I bit my thumb the day I went to sea….etc.”
Today we stayed in Glasson dock all day (a bit of a letdown but we still had fun), we are looking forward to moving on tomorrow … maybe to the Isle of Man!!!!
Later on we went dinghy driving! Natalie went round and round in circles (she didn’t really catch on; she needs to practice pushing and pulling)!
At the end of dinner Ian managed to pour the uneaten rice onto the floor (similar to when Natalie fell onto the cooker and spilt the pan of soup at lunch.) For desert we had the legendary chocolate fondue!
Now we’re munching on chocolate and haribos, whilst singing to the radio. 
By Iman and Emma…. (the rest of the crew helped ;) )
Read more about Sail Training on board Tenacity of Bolton at

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