Thursday, 25 August 2011

Back from Ireland to Anglesey

The day started with a porridge breakfast made by the skipper Max at 5am! Today we had to wake up at 5am because we had a long journey to Porth Wen Bay, Anglesey. All crew had to be on deck at 6am sharp to slip the lines and safely stowing all fenders and lines to enable safe departure from the harbour. We all made it out safe of the harbour and avoiding the main channels for the ferries. We had to motor for a while but were able to put the three biggest sails up and sail downwind all the way across the Irish Sea. The wind built up and so did the waves! Which made steering difficult from time to time? Everyone has found their sea legs now, so no sickness today. Once Holyhead came into view we turned to port to go round the top of Anglesey giving the Skerries lighthouse a very wide berth because the tide was with us it only took half an hour to reach a beautiful bay. Half of the crew went to explore the beach while the other half went fishing. Paul is the only member of the crew to catch a fish so far, not for lack of trying from the rest. We had the one fish for our supper divided between 11 it was measly portions. Hope we have another good day tomorrow.

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