Tuesday, 16 August 2011

With the application of 15 year old sea-sickness medication, the second day began with a walk to buy food supplies, while 2 members of the professional crew remained behind, removing detritus from the propeller. Having lost a tin of tomatoes and spilt some milk we set off from Plymouth for Fowey. The weather was mild, with rain threatening throughout the day, which was pretty uneventful, except for a man overboard drill and a boat whose helmsman’s book was obviously riveting.

We arrived at Fowey and moored to an overpriced buoy with time to take a short stroll into town before having some fajitas. All in all, it was a reasonably pleasant day.

Skippers note.
After this was written the Fowey regatta fireworks were stunning. We had a grandstand view from the boat with the fireworks being ignited only 100 metres away.
My thanks as well to Ian H for his diving efforts in removing the fishing line from around the propshaft. A nasty job in dirty waters his efforts are appreciated.

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