Monday, 1 August 2011

A full day of sailing

After an early night yesterday, we left Lowestoft at 06.15 this morning. As forecast, the wind was suitable for sailing and therefore it was only necessary to use the engine to get out of the harbour.
For most of the day we used all four of Tenacity’s sails and achieved a top indicated speed of 7.4kts (although, taking into account a helpful tide, our actual speed was probably much higher).
As we have been heading south, we have entered busier waters. This afternoon we sighted many sailing vessels enjoying the conditions as well as two large container ships (masquerading as small towns) using the port of Felixstowe. Furthermore, we have now picked up both French and Dutch messages on the radio.
We are now sat at anchor and Skipper Ian is making biscuits for us. I am sure they will be delightful, but will report back tomorrow when we have tried them!
Perhaps, now we are at anchor in the Walton Backwaters, we shall take out the dinghy at low water to get a closer view of the varied wildlife (seals and waterfowl) and the scenery.
P.S. The biscuits were very good, although Ian says they were more crunchy than intended.

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