Thursday, 14 April 2011

Great Cumbrae to Largs Yacht Haven

This is our final entry to the blog as we are getting ready to depart after our wonderful week on Tenacity. Even though at times it has been strained, it has enabled us to be able to work as a team in an enclosed space for a week. We all feel that we have built up strong relationships with each other. We have all worked hard to give us all the best possible week on Tenacity.

Today we got up a little later than usual as we only had a short journey from Great Crumbrae Island to Largs harbour. As the journey was short we motored, allowing us to use our skills that we had learnt in the past week. Emily and Emma washed and dried the breakfast dishes whilst the rest of the crew put out the fenders, tied bowline knots and round turn and two half hitches into the ropes. At the bow of the boat, Taniya and Erin helping to attach the ropes to the jetty and at the stern of the boat was Katie and Charlotte.

Once moored we cleaned the deck and the holes on deck and Hawwa and Lydia found some duck eggs, from the duck that had been found on board six days ago. Lydia was keen to look after these and even resuscitate the eggs so she got a cup of water and washed them. Below deck, in the kitchens, were Emily and Emma who decided to play a trick on Lydia and tell her the eggs were being used for lunch. Lydia was mortified!

We all helped to tidy, hoover and clean the boat whilst others made the lunch for our journey back. As we were back in Largs we split into groups and took it in turns to go for showers. We are now sat in the cock pit waiting for the others to arrive so that we can take the long journey home.

Overall this trip has been amazing and we are extremely grateful to both Colin and Dawn for putting up with our constant chattering and giggling at loud levels. They welcomed us onto the boat and have looked after us all week from people being sick, leaning how to cook whilst the boat was at a 45 degree angle, teaching us how to navigate through very narrow and shallow waters such as the Burnt Islands and basically teaching us how to sail whilst being safe. Once again we have had an amazing experience and are grateful to them both.

Love all

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