Thursday, 21 April 2011

Thursday- FLAT CALM

We awoke at seven and the breakfast crew got busy in the galley, a scrumptious meal was delivered on time and the anchor was up soon after. We were heading towards Brodick on Arran to pick up the food for the assessed part of our trip as tomorrow is a bank holiday. This is not like popping to the shop at home, you have to anchor the boat, then get the dinghy down, fire up the engine and then do two trips to shore to get everyone safely there! We spent our money and got a wide variety of food that should keep us going. We mooched around some more hoping for the wind to increase but it was having none of it, so we set off again still under engine power towards Lamlash Bay a short hop down the coast of Arran which would offer us good shelter for an over night stay. Once in the dinghy was down once again and in baking sun we ventured onto the near by Holy Island which is a Buddist Retreat. We all walked to the far end where the crew split with the cooking pair going back to the boat and the three remaing crew and David going over the top of the 300m mountain. When the mountaineers returned to the boat a feast had been prepared and by eight everyone was stuffed but all managed to squeeze a portion of apple crumble and custard in too! At this point we wondered if we were ever going to sail as there was still NO WIND.

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