Friday, 6 April 2012

Home is on the Horizon

After a long and hilarious game of ‘articulate’ we were in bed by 11.30pm, to then being woken up at about 8 this morning by the smell of eggy bread. Mmm.... The debate was brown sugar or ketchup on your eggy bread; we decided both were equally as yummy. We quickly motored over back to Largs whilst discussing our highlights and low points of the trip. When we arrived, it was time to give Tenacity a good scrub on deck and below deck. We all polished, cleaned, vacuumed and washed until it was squeaky clean. When we arrived at our final destination, it was great to see the sparkling toilets at Largs Marina, after being deprived of proper personal hygiene for the past week. Now for the awards....

Best Borat impression – Hannah

Best Russian impression – Nadia (aka. Vladimir)

Most on the ball – Lizzy lol jk. Dopiest

Best pastry chef – Lizzy

Joint best friends with Bertie the bucket – Maddie and Nadia

Best at articulate – Millie lol jk. Here is an example of her description for Gulf of Mexico: erm.. Arriba, arriba erm... it’s spicy...erm...’s a place

Best hair – Elisha

Best remembering lyrics of The Lancashire Hot Pot songs – Elisha

Best and longest log keeper – Lucy

Best at cooking whilst in gale force 8 whilst everyone was feeling extremely ill – Abbie

Best cleaner – Maddie

Best at checking cloud cover – Lizzy lol jk. she said the cloud cover was 10/8

Best Australian – Flo

Keenest sailor – Lucy

Best skipper – Colin

Slowest eater – Matt

Coolest pyjamas – Cath

Best Storyteller – Millie

Best morale booster - Hannah

Best washer upper - Abbie

We all have enjoyed our week on Tenacity; Silver Duke of Edinburgh has been very challenging at times with gale force 8 winds and tacking up wind, however we have overcome these challenges and we have all achieved so much; as well as having great experiences and memories that’ll last forever. Thank you to everyone who has made this such a brilliant trip, especially Colin, Matt, Cath and Flo.

We would also like to make a shout out to Mr Salmon.

Stay tuned to the Tenacity Blog for the next group of Silver DoE girls from Bolton School and their adventures in the Firth of Clyde.

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