Sunday, 1 April 2012



We sunk today… LOL just kidding, April fools! We all woke up very tired as the sun rose this morning, after a chilly night. Breakfast was scrambled eggs on toast, made by Nadia and Maddie- delicious. After getting kitted out with the full waterproofs, wellies and lots of warm clothing, we immediately set off sailing, leaving the bay where we had anchored overnight. We set sail once again for Largs Marina to pick up our newest crew member and instructor, Cath.

Setting sail once again from Largs we were taught how to turn or “tack” in order to travel against the wind. After a lot of practice we became very efficient (50 tacks in all over the whole day), and we all worked really well as a team. We picked up a mooring at Rothesay on the Isle of Bute and lunch was served right on time. All the crew commented on the high quality of the sandwiches, particularly the plethora of fillings available, lovingly crafted by Elisha and Lizzy. There was a special pudding served after lunch, as a farewell to Flo from Patterdale Hall and a welcome to Cath (any excuse for a cake!). Flo will be greatly missed and we all wanted her to stay longer, but we wish her the best of luck on the rest of her travels round Europe.

We resumed sailing from Rothesay northwards up the East Kyle and all tried out a variety of jobs around the boat, until we were comfortable with putting up and taking down the different sails. There was lots of wind so we moved very quickly and tilted lots at times. We also practiced what to do in the event of a ‘man overboard’, using a buoy as our dummy (named Bob by Hannah), however Lizzy kept on losing sight of Bob, due to her ‘short attention span’, which also proved her downfall in Uno the night before. Work has already begun on the second ever Tenacity musical, lead by Nadia, and all the crew have been singing enthusiastically.

Some superb tacking and pilotage later by the crew up the East Kyle, we anchored up at the picturesque Caladh Harbour. Dinner was delicious: caramelized pork stir fry, followed by pancakes (made by Lucy and Millie), sweets and chocolate. Some were a little more adventurous with the fillings, and Hannah opted for choc chip, golden syrup, galaxy and sugar…

Currently we are sat around eating yet more sweets, about to partake in yet another game of Uno, and everyone is excited for another day of sailing tomorrow!

By Lizzy Moore and Elisha Bell

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