Monday, 14 June 2010

Mondays trip to Piel

We all arrived by 6pm with our jam packed bags. One thing that surprised us was the amount of space below deck. The boat is rather cosy and comfortable.

David made us tea last night, sausage and mash with onion gravy.

This morning the lock opened at 11am and we hit the river, heading for the sea. Polly and Olivia, cooks for the day, started making lunch and as the sun came out we picnicked on deck then Olivia took the wheel. Some of us felt ill but found that steering made us feel better.

We hoisted all the sails and learned how to use the winches then practised man overboard drill.

At 4.30 we reached Piel Island and anchored and took the dinghy ashore to explore. We found a lot of snails. For dinner Ian helped Olivia and Polly to make caramelised pork with stir fried vegetables and rice. And for dessert we had fruit salad with marshmallows and chocolate fondue. As we ate we watched seals resting on a sandbank across the channel.

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