Thursday, 17 June 2010

Thursday - Piel Island to Glasson Dock

We needed to head home today to catch the tides to let us back into Glasson dock. We didn’t manage to get the sails up today because there wasn’t much wind but the tide was racing along with us and there were lots of other boats about on the water to watch. We continued eating our way around the seas and had jacket potatoes up on deck for lunch in the sunshine. Another fantastic day at sea.

We arrive back at Glasson and are all feeling proud of our knots and coils that we can now put into the ropes. Zoe is especially proud of her perfect coiling. We had to use these to get us through the loch, which we managed to do as a team with only a little bit of help. We are all experts now in tying bow lines in the rope and tying the fenders onto the boat! After tying the boat up in the dock we decided to head for a well earned showers and some down time of drinking juice and playing cards in the last of the evening sun. We’ll think about cooking tea in a little while…

Also, a Happy Birthday to Juliet’s dad from all of us.

Map not to scale!

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