Friday, 11 June 2010

Thursday 10th June

We woke up early, again with a fair amount of persuasion from SJ, and ate breakfast of cereals and eggy bread. We then spent most of the day sailing from Whitehaven to Glasson. As we set off from Whitehaven it was quite windy and wavy but as we got round St Bees head the boat settled down and we sailed along really nicely. Whilst we were sailing Gabby and Amy sat at the stern looking for more jellyfish. Izzy and Ellie sat in the cockpit, and we all read our books.

As we were early to catch the tide up to Glasson we anchored up at the end of the River Lune to await enough water and also have our fish and chips (well mash potato actually as it was easier) tea. When we were almost at Glasson the boat got stuck leaving us sat at an angle for some time as we awaited enough water to float off. It was quite late when we finally moored up so we had some hot chocolate and went to sleep.
Tomorrow when we wake up we just have to wait for the lock keeper to let us up into the marina before we can get back on our berth.
Amy and Gabby

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