Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Wednesday - Whitehaven to Piel Island

We woke up late this morning, well 8am, in Whitehaven. After breakfast we prepared Tenacity for a day of sailing. When we had filled up the water tank and gone through the lock (in a rather frantic fashion!), we were back into the Irish Sea, retracing our journey from the day before. We spotted porpoises, dolphins and a PUFFIN! David said that our skin would end up wrinkly like his if we got sunburn, so we all ran off and slapped sun cream on as quickly as possible!

We have had the sails up for most of today but have been moving quite slowly which has made it a lovely relaxing day for watching the world go by, so we had plenty of time to relax, and Juliet even fell asleep but don’t worry, we covered her up with a jumper so she wouldn’t get sunburn. She woke up to find a greasy stain on her book where her sun creamed face had been!

We are now not far from Piel Island again, and the sails are spread out very wide to catch the wind, so we are sailing at our highest speed yet! It is turkey korma for tea, which we are going to eat on the deck while sailing along which will be very cool. It is going dark and the sunset is spectacular. The sky is lit up in a beautiful pinky colour and we can see the silhouette of the castle in front of the horizon. Wow!

We are going to stop for the night and once we are anchored up we are going to stuff our faces with tiffin (rocky road yummy cake) that we made ourselves this morning, and drink some hot chocolate before we head to bed. What a great blue skies adventure day on the sea.

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