Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Tuesday 8th June, Whitehaven to Kirkcudbright

We woke to a fantastic start where we were flung and prodded out of bed by SJ!
Luckily for us it was sausage butty day, unluckily for Ellie and Izzy they had to make it.

Since we were late for catching the tide, we spent our time messing with knots and speeding around in the dinghy. Ellie claimed that she couldn’t steer the dinghy but was soon speeding around in perfect control. Colin had to keep reminding Gabby to slow down because she is a speed demon.

At 5.30 we set out for another adventure this time to Kirkcudbright. Izzy threw up in the bucket and SJ went to clean it out but ended up doing the same, although SJ immediately tucked into her tea after putting the bucket down. Amy felt a bit queasy so she stayed in the cockpit staring at the floor. Ellie and Gabby sat at the front of the boat getting drenched and counting jelly fish.

Later when Ellie was climbing the stairs the waves threw her back down and she collided with the galley (kitchen) and also Gabby, they then both burst into laughter.

Eventually we went past the lighthouse at Little Ross Island at the entrance to Kirkcudbright bay and let the anchor down so we could sleep in the middle of the sea :)

Gabby and Amy

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