Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Tuesdays trip to Whitehaven

We were are now at Whitehaven "chillaxing" on deck letting the aromas of Juliet and Larissa's culinary delights fill our nostrils. Ahhhhhhhh........

Sorry, forgot we are on a trip for a minute then!!!!!

Today we left Piel Island and set off towards ST Bees Head, catching sight of seals, jellyfish and dolphins (yes, you heard it, DOLPHINS!) along the way. The water was fairly calm and the sky was blue, it was a bit of a “lazy day” as far as this trip is concerned. Eventually we let the sails out as the sea breeze filled in and sailed along no engine noise to spoil our perfect day. We sailed around St Bees Head at 4.5kts and soon Whitehaven was in view. On the approach we brought all the sails in and readied the fenders and mooring lines. We passed through the lock and were soon tied up alongside the sugar berth. Polly and Zoe took the rubbish and had a shower (phew they needed it!) leaving Juliet and Larissa to do the cooking. Poor Olivia had to do a bit of cleaning around the boat including the toilets.

Wow, those cookies smell DEEEELICIOUS! Hmmmm...We might just have a taste........!

P.S. Hope everyone's OK at home, by the way.


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