Sunday, 3 July 2011

Day 1 Glasson to Piel Island

Day One: Sunday
We arrived at “Tenacity” at approx. 8:00 Saturday night after a few mishaps (a forgotten purse ;)), a kfc trip and some krispy kremes. After planning our route: Plan A – Skerries, Ireland / Plan B – Douglas, Isle of Man; and presenting the plan to our assessors (NJN/ Ian/ Colin / Helen) we went downstairs to the bunks where the 6 kids chose the massive room at the stern

Sunday Morning: Woke up at 8:00 and had a cold breakfast. We practised leaving the pontoons and tying up again and then headed off to the lock at 11ish. With a tonne of spectators, we managed to navigate the locks successfully catching a few rays at the same time.  Starboard Watch (Trissiboii/Jenbob/Tonifer) went to the back of the boat to chill with magazines and music while Port Watch (Naggers/Richie/GCarr) took us out into the Irish Sea under motor. After a delicious lunch of wraps, pepperoni, cheese strings and Pringles Team DofE Gold raised the 4 sails and set off towards Whitehaven (Which is on the way to Scotland because, due to the light wind, we changed to Plan C). Team Starboard then took control at 4:00 with Toni topping the current speed charts with a whole 4.8MPH  Craaaaazy speeds! The wind then dropped to NOTHING so we had a dinner of Spag Bol and yummy Rum Cake which Emily and Georgia prepared. 
We are now currently heading back to Piel Island (7 miles) to anchor for tonight in order to set off bright and early tomorrow (apparently at 4 in the morning?!)
Hopefully there’ll be more wind then.
We’re all having fun and looking tanned and cheery (Probably due to the rum caaaake)
Miss you Svetbot!
Much Love
Many Thanks
Toni (Starboard) x

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