Saturday, 16 July 2011

16th July 2011 - Ullapool

The Crew in Ullapool
 Hello from the new crew of Tenacity...Connor, Nabila, Roxanna, Nicola, Amrit, Alex, Charlotte and James. We made a long journey yesterday from Bolton to Ullapool and stayed the night in a youth hostel, over looking the visiting Tall Ships. After a visit to the super market, we headed down to the pier to meet David, Max and Dawn. We took all our things out to Tenacity and have spent some time sorting the boat ready for our adventure. We plan to leave Ullapool tonight and head north. Over the next few days we plan to sail around Cape Wrath to the could be a wild adventure!

Keep an eye on where we get to on the map and we'll post another blog as soon as we can.

See you soon...x

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