Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Oakham School Gold D of E Day 3, 5th July

Day three began at midnight – nothing more, nothing less. The weather was still and pleasant, if not a little chillsome, especially in the early hours. Each group took at least one 4-hour night watch, and with each the Isle of Man (Douglas in particular) got ever closer. By 7am we had arrived after a rather long and tedious period of no wind and low average speeds. We anchored off Derby Haven and went to sleep until 10am. When we awoke for our shore trip to Peel on the other side of the IoM the weather had changed a lot: the wind had picked up greatly and there was a large swell present. One or two members (Jenny and then Toni) took tactical chunders, but only Toni was able to recover relatively quickly – Jenny’s recuperation took a lot longer! Other eventful moments included a synchronised flying lesson by Tristan, Toni and Emily across the cockpit following a particularly large wave, and Tristan receiving a high five to the face from a table in the middle of his snooze.

At around 3.30 we mopped up the remnants of our technicoloured yawns and went for an explore and for supper in Peel, and set off again at 6pm at a record speed (by Georgia) of 7.2 knots!!!! We, Jenny, Toni and Georgia, are currently on watch heading back around the top of the Isle of Man and towards home.

Jenny is preparing for her inevitable reunion with the toilet.

Richard, after plotting a series of excellent courses throughout the voyage, is catching some Z’s in preparation of being the only one with a strong enough stomach to fully take on the Irish Sea.

Georgia is on the wheel (and also the rum).

Toni is manning the radio and the charts.

Emily and Tristan are slacking/playing fruit ninja!

Many thanks,

Jenny x

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