Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tuesday 19th July - Eigg, Muck (and Rhum in the distance)

Dolphine Watch
After an early start with pancakes for breakfast, the crew took charge of the boat and set out on their plotted route. With Connor at the helm Nabila, Amrit and Alex raised the anchor. We then split into two watches...dolphine watch and turtle watch, and worked two hours above deck, then two hours below deck. Following our course we headed south. We ate a second breakfast on route, and headed to the Isle of Eigg, where we dropped our anchor, took in the view and ate eggs for lunch!

After some further planning we headed south again to the Isle of Muck. Here we had an early tea, but chose not to opt to eat muck. Refuelled and ready for adventure, we headed off again, eating Charlotte and Roxannas homemade banana and chocolate cake along the way.

James and Nicola sang to us, while we worked our way around the Point of Ardnamurchan...the most westerly point of mainland Britain. We were followed by numerous birds along the way...terns, shearwaters, gannets and much more. Under three sails we headed towards a patch of sun in the distance and had to deal with a surprise man over board drill...careless Bob the giant fender had fallen overboard again! But as an expert crew we rescued him in no time, got the sails back up and carried on our way, feeling rather pleased with ourselves.

We came into Loch Na Droma Buide, through a narrow entrance where we could almost touch the rocks on either side and dropped are anchor. But, just because we could, we did all of the above under sail, with turtle watch working the decks while dolphine watched worked below making supper and fresh bread for breakfast.

A long, but fantastic day at sea...and we are all loving running the boat. Time for a evening planning session, to work out where tomorrows adventure will lead.

Love from,
Turtle watch...Charlotte, Amit, Roxanna and Alex.
And dolphine watch...Nicola, Conner, James and Nabila

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