Friday, 22 July 2011

Friday 22nd July - Caledonian Canal

We all found it hard to get up this morning, but a large dish of porridge and some sunshine set us on our way. We headed into the Caledonian Canal, realising very quickly why we had been practicing rope throwing...and putting our skills to the test in the first of many locks.

Our first main challenge of the day was Neptune's Stair case, a series of seven locks that we moved up. We managed this task sucessfully as a full team, all the while looking over to the cloud free summit of Ben Nevis which still had patches of snow towards the top.

The canal proved more challenging and rewarding than we thought, and we soon reached our first loch, Loch Lochy, to eat a well earned lunch on deck in the sunshine. Before long we were back in the canal and working our way carefully through the locks.

Moving into our second loch of the day, Loch Oich (known as Loch Oink to the crew), we saw a boat that was covered in plants..the owners had their own garden on board, very cool. We were also joined by a swan who followed us off the loch and into the canal, flying along with the boat.

Our last stretch of canal brought us to the top of
Fort Augustus and the end of our day. A long day again on the boat, and a lot of work for us all. All crew enjoyed their day and the challenge very much.

Once the boat was tied up, we took a short walk to look at the locks we had to head down tomorrow to reach Loch Ness. Then we all decided it was time for a real treat - our first shower in a week...magic.

Love a clean and happy Tenacity crew x

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